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Today was the bad day. First of all, the air conditioner broken when Jun left the camp ground and had to start the race without the air conditioner. After, he smelled the coolant of the radiator and the water temperature was up. He thought the radiator broken and got a hole on it but nothing. Jun continued the race with wondering about this.

Jun battled with his team mate sometime and the engine stopped suddenly. The engine started again at once. Then thhe car was on the land of soft sand like 2011. So he evacuated the air pressure of the tires. This decision gave Jun a harmful result later. The low air pressure tires did not mach up the course and Jun’s running pace did not increase then the tire went flat.

Slow buggies passed him during he was fixing the flat tire, and continued the race with them bothered each other. When Jun escaped from the rat race, Alain the navigator felt bad by the course shook his body from side to side. Jun drove the car with took care about Alain’s health and his concentration backed little by little. Jun increased the pace but flat tire again. They changed the tire quickly but the jack did not return. The bad day that small troubles bothered Jun, though he finished the race not much late from his team mate.

Jun’s health got way better and he still minded about his throat but he said the air passage got wider and easy. Today was the bad day but he could keep the best concentration power since the rally started.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:28th

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