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Stage 1

Jun stood on the start line without troubles, and finished the stage 1 safely today. However he felt something wrong with the car before he left Japan and it did not sit well with him during the stage 1.

In the half of the stage, car’s brakes were out of condition as he wanted and the brake setting did not match to him. Stage 1 is the flat course between the meadows with much dust and slow car that was running 4 cars away from Jun blocked and all cars were bunching. Jun expected this circumstance, if his car was good, the time is not different in 10 seconds. TLC mechanics fit up the car in the bivouac now.

All cars have the air conditioner from this time. “It was so comfortable” he said. Temperature will get over 45 degrees at some stages in the altiplano and he wonders if air conditioner is effective or not in there.

The first day of the rally, he suceeded to caoture SS, but fight with a sleepiness was bitter than that in the liaison. The bivouac where Jun stays now is the place the official notified him to retire 2 years ago. Jun said “I could breake the jinx”

Dakar Rally 2015 Stage 1 Result:
T2 Autos Result:2nd
Overall standings:44th

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