Report #9 Uyuni > Iquique


Stage 8

January 11(Local time), Jun had his long cherished desire that starting from Uyuni Salt Flats but he could not enjoy breath taking sight due to he was busy besides the dawn time. He started the race with seething mass.

Some cars started in every 5 minute and Jun pedalled to metal till 60km point along the groove. Only 4 time Jun lifted his foot off the gas pedal during 130km run in Uyuni Salt Flats. Jun was feeling so good and that was easy course for him without the power steering. After Uyuni Salt Flats, the road changed to bad with lots of stones at 4000 high. He lost control the car many times and the road was so hard to him. Jun slid off the course 2 times. Without the power steering, there is the case breaks the driver’s fingers by the shock from the road surface. However he tided over the shock from the bad road.

Jun hit the car and the tire made contact with the break and it did not work yesterday. Left break hose of front was grazed and broken then break fluid leaked out. Jun fix it at the liaison and the team mate waited for him during repair.

Jun and the team mate failed to climb the sand dune but they helped each other in the last part of the course. Two cars ran side by side in the last 40 km and crossed the finish line of Iquique together where the team was waiting for them. Jun thanked to the team mate for their support.

French mechanics waited for Jun in Iquique admired him who completed 1000km without the power steering. Jun got a muscle pain of his arms but he felt
easy beecause he could finish the marathon stage safely. Tomorrow is the day off and hope he takes enough rest and prepares for the rest of stages.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:26th

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