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The liaison of today was 600km and really long. The route cross the Andean Cordilleras then continue into Republic of Chile. The border zone between Argentina and Chile was the dirt and the Dakar Rally’s group was moving forward with the dust. Today’s SS was the downhill from 3000m high Andes and it was the same route that Jun ran in 2010. Jun finished the race on the top today again.

200km from the start was high speed course. Jun got going smoothly but a faster group came from behind, he had to clear the road for them. However his pace was better than yesterday, and Jun caught up the group then they cleared the road for him. It repeated many times. When the big sand dune came out, Jun drove carefully not to get stuck. But his driving was too chariness and his team mate passed Jun’s car who started 15 minute after him. It turned Jun’s switch on and he mounted a charge. Jun was tail gating the team mate car like hell and crossed the line after overstrided.

It was difficult to keep the top on the sand dune area, and the follower took advantage of a leading vehicle’s move. Jun was adrenalized and he got centered on his driving like Alain the navigator appallingly.

Jun is staying at the bivouac of Copiapo now where known to the mining accident in 2010. Jun told more difficult course waiting for him tomorrow but we hope to keep this motivation till the end.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:29th

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