Report #11 “Stage09 Tucuman > Coldoba (continued report)”


Report #11 “Stage09 Tucuman > Coldoba (continued report)”

January 14(Local date), We had a report from the site and knew the situation of JUN’s car crushed. After JUN cleared the right corner, the car fallen ahead and got upside down in the second half of the second SS. The drop was not high and JUN and Alain was not injured.
However all of the engine oil leaked and they had no spare. They obtained the oil from other cars and started again but they lost much time. Even the power steering fluid was lost after that and the heavy steering made JUN’s arms so tired. He had to run in the dark with the one-eyed head light too. JUN reached the goal after 22:00.

They needed to move more distance to the bivouac but the road was jammed by the audience back to home. JUN arrived to the bivouac at 1:30.

When he woke up in the tent next morning, TLC decided to retire the rally already. JUN’s Dakar Rally 2013 was over in frustration.

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    三橋 淳様
    私はこの事実を知った今思います、来年やってください。今年の成績は決まりましたが、来年のダカールに向けて強く歩み続けることが、私たちに夢を与えてくれることです。この夢を与える仕事は、「三橋 淳」貴方しか出来ません。

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