Report #07 “Stage05 Arequipa > Arica”

Report #07 “Stage05 Arequipa > Arica”

January 09(Local date), TLC car #343 had the electric trouble in the stage 5 and the car could not start the engine and stopped on the course. JUN found and towed the #343 to the safe place first then separated the batteries and fixed to back the electric power supply. They tried to push-start and succeeded to start the engine.

#343 backed to the road but stopped on the way sometimes. JUN towed the car 5km again and the car could start the engine and run by herself later. JUN relieved to hear that because it takes 100km to the goal at that point. Besides towing on the feshfesh ground in the mountain is too hard to pull the car. They lost much of time but reached the goal safely.

After the race, JUN talked to Alain that they finished their first job as the support car. JUN thought he was over as the driver when he knew the news of the defection from the stock car category before the race start. Now JUN changed his mind and make TLC car #343 win the rally without question. JUN lost his victory this year but he will support the teammate as hard as he can.

Dakar Rally 2013 Stage 05 Result:

Liaison: 284km
SS: 172km
Overall standings: 50th

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