Report #06 “To everybody of JUN’s supporters”


January 9(Local date), Team Land Cruiser (TLC) announced officially.
TLC Car No.1(#341 Mitsuhashi/Guehennec) gave up continue the race in the stock car category of Dakar Rally 2013 due to the drive train had the serious problem.

The crew of TLC found the drive train trouble and the team decided JUN’s car #341 needs the changing the parts. JUN gave up the race in the stock car category. The car #341 switch the category to the modified car category and he continues the rally as the supporeter of TLC car No.2(#343).

Yesterday’s stage was so long and JUN arrived the bivouac at a late hour of the night and the mechanics maintained and fixed the car till the morning. The bad news brought to JUN when he woke up. The condition of the car was better than the last year till yesterday and it was a bolt from the blue for him. However JUN face to this situation and run till the end.

This is the painful announcement for the people who cheers and support JUN but please continue your kindly support for him and the team.

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  1. Maria Giulia says:

    I am sad for you Jun and for the Team, but we know what your potential is, so continues to believe in it until the end of the rally and give the best of yourself! Good Luck to everybody!! 😉 Mary

  2. 一通 says:


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