Report #3 “Day off before the start”



Today, December 30(Local time) is a day off. The car inspection was over on time yesterday and it’s a precious rest that was presented for us. I went to the beach and looked at the sea all day long but am now backed in the hotel room and taking care of myself in front of my computer.

Some of the streets for the city was closed for the rally, and there were traffic jams every where. Such an atmosphere makes me feel the heat for the beginning of Dakar Rally.

The local aspect uploaded it as “Inside Report” in this web by my staff. It’s only in Japanese, however I hope everybody get to see the pages. Especially for the people that don’t know about the Dakar Rally, and I want them to feel the air of the Rally and our team.

I will be attending the pre-ceremony after the briefing tomorrow. It is held at the stage of start point and variety of upcoming events, so the ceremony raging like a hell as usual. We will show up around 7:00 PM(Local time) at the stage. The ceremony is a really big bash and I don’t think it can start on schedule but I am looking forward to appearing on the stage.

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