Report #1 Mitsuhashi started the entry into Dakar Rally 2012 in Argentina !


Just before 4th Rally in South America, the climate is cool and comfortable compared to other years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Team Land Cruiser(TLC) had press conference at Toyota Argentina S.A from 11:20 AM, December, 28(Local time).

Toyota Argentina S.A invited 2 Pickup HILUXs from IMPERIAL TOYOTA, South Africa, 2 Land Cruisers by TLC, 2 SW4(HILUX)s of local customer team, and HINO Team SUGAWARA. Director Mori, Driver Mitsuhashi and Terada attended from TLC.

TLC has been able to make an effort to have a good relationships with the local press people with a help from Toyota Argentina S.A, and lots of excited local media for the Rally headed to the press conference.

Mitsuhashi stated in the press conference “First of all, before making an announcement regarding the race, I want to thank Toyota Argentina S.A for this borderless press conference without category happened. This is 4th Dakar Rally in South America. I have won 3 consecutive times since the organizer changed venue. I’m aspiring to have the crown on me again”

TLC succeeded the conference and move to Dakar Rally 2012’s start point, Mar Del Prada, Argentina at 6:00 AM, December 29(Local time).

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