Finished in 2ND Place Overall! Running Smooth!

October 4, 2011
Rally des Pharaons 2011 STAGE1 Tibniya to Tibniya
LIASON: 4.83 kilometers in Special Stage: 473.63 kilometers Total drive distance: 478.46 kilometers

In the commercial race car class, adjusting the tire air pressure during the race is an unavoidable task which means about 10 minutes of lost time. Race cars in higher classes don’t have to do that so that lost time really hurts. Today a lot of rival cars made errors or hit other cars or got stuck in the sand dune area. If the sand dune course gets even more difficult from tomorrow onwards then I think we might have a chance at a higher overall position. Today the sand dunes were easy and we were able to drive along hard at about 80 kilometers per hour. There were certainly a lot of rock crags and the course tires you out with the hard sand surface but compared to the Dakar rally this is really easy.
We do have a chance at an overall win but Schlesser’s buggy and the Proto from Russia are both much faster than my car. If we keep getting sand dunes like we had in Dakar then maybe there’s a chance but for now just staying at the top in my class has priority.

October 4 Pharaons Rally 2011 Stage 2 Results
Overall standings Group standings Class standings Driver Number Competitor Team Vehicle Time Overall (accumulated) Time
1st Place 1st Place 1st Place 301 Schlesser Jean Louis Zhiltsov Konstantin Sonangol Schlesser 5:01:24 9:17:46
2nd Place 1st Place 1st Place 304 Mitsuhashi Jun Guehennec Alain Toyota Landcruiser 5:30:48 10:05:07
3rd Place 2nd Place 1st Place 302 Gadasin Boris Schemel Dan G-FORCE PROTO 5:32:28 10:16:08
4th Place 3rd Place 2nd Place NESTERCHUK VADYM LICHTLEUCHTER LAURENT 5:45:37 10:52:14
5th Place 4th Place 3rd Place 321 Vasiliev Vladimir Yevtyekhov Vitaliy G-FORCE PROTO 6:10:12 10:26:04

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  3. 三橋淳さま
    教えて戴いた http://vulcain.iritrack.net/tdcom/eviewer/pharaons11/ で見てますが~総合2位キープなさっているようで何よりです…3日目の結果が楽しみです^^

  4. やったぁ!後ろが迫って来たのでハラハラしましたが無事に総合2位キープなさったようで何よりでした^^

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