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Stage 12

January 16(Local time), Jun called me when he was on the road from the liaison to the bivouac today. Liaison was so long and total moving distance was 1000km over but he was so fine and I felt relieved.

The course of today was the mountain road as same as yesterday. The road was narrow and the surface was so hard. Jun saw 5 or 6 cars were out of course and some cars clashed to the stones , wall of rock and even the gate sign of the ranch. Advanced technique needed for the drivers who run at high speed.

Jun had no trouble but his pace did not up due to some of slippy places in the first half of the course. Jun was a bit nervous because his car got upside down in this place 2 years ago that was the one of reason that he could not up his pace. Though the camion had flat tire and the buggy slid off the course in front of him. Then he got a clear view and succeeded to have his own pace. After the middle point of the course, Jun ran at high speed and finished the race without troubles.
Just before the last stage of the rally tomorrow, Jun told me it was so long from start to here. He was worried in poor physical condition in the first half of the rally this year. Though he made minimalize the time gap despite some accidents happened in the long run to here. Hope he does his best till the last tomorrow.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:29th

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