Report #11 Calama> Salta


Stage 10

January 14(Local time), I got the phone call from Jun who was in the liaison of Andes mountains to the town of Salta. He said “I cleared SS with no troubles !” That was reassuring conversation. Today’s stage was same as the motorcycles and the distance of SS extended to 370km suddenly.

After Jun left the camp ground he had the electric trouble in the morning. The killswitch did not fix yet and his car stopped like yesterday. Fortunately Jun was in the liaison and the mechanic car came by and repaired it.

The course of today was the one track and it was the high speed course of the mountain road. The course had only a few variations. Weather was changing like sometime rain sometime fine and there was the big gap of dust amount that cut off Jun’s view was different by places.

Yesterday’s position of SS decide today’s starting order and Jun was started 20 minute later from his team mate. The team ordered to Jun to support the team mate today. Jun’s motivation got lower for that but he changed his mind and started the race. The time gap between the team mate became 5 minute at last. However he could big catch up from behind it was how he is.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:29th

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