Report #04 “Stage03 Pisco > Nazca”


Report #04 “Stage03 Pisco > Nazca”

January 07(Local date), the third day of the rally was all about the battle with the sand dunes. They were tough to beat and JUN was got a harsh lesson as he counted on. JUN stuck in the sand but he escaped by himself quickly and JUN head off the time loss to the minimum.

JUN dived V-shaped feshfesh from the nose in the first half of the course but he escaped from there only 5 minutes. JUN felt the course was very hard till the second half of the course. He suceeded to difficult challenges then he headed into the last part of the today’s course. Many people watching the rally around the bivouac and JUN steered around the crowd then he stuck in the sand. JUN came out from the sand in 10 minutes and lost 15 minutes total in the entire route. The course was very hard however 15 minutes loss was within the scope of the assumption.

Tomorrow the stage 4 starts from Nazca to Arequipa and it is the critical point in the first half of the rally. JUN will run about 700km includes SS. The competitors climb 1000m high sand dunes  at 19km point from the start line. In the middle of the course, they run 2000m high mountains with the road surface full of rocks. Then come down from the highland, the desert waiting for them again. At the last part of the course, cars rush up to 1000m high sand dunes to cross the finish line.

JUN is well and fighting to the hot weather. I want you to pray so that he can clear the stage 4 safely.

Dakar Rally 2013 Stage 03 Result:

Liaison: 4km
Overall standings: 36th

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