Dakar is popular in PERU

スクリーンショット 2012-12-29 6.25.58

I found a lot of Signboard of Dakar rally
I feel an awful upsurge!


Japanese team HINO RANGER!

I can’t found TOYOTA LAND CRUISER of Signboard..
Is there it somewhere?

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  1. Jorge Miki says:

    Welcome to Peru!! I hope to see you again at the road.
    Maybe there is no Land Cruiser signboard, that is “Toyota del Peru” responsability, but there is a lot of fans: http://landcruiser.pe/web/

    I just visited Team Sugawara at a local Hino dealer, I understand they came directly from Japan. Where are your cars? Still at the port?

    Good Luck!!

    Jorge Miki

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