JUN arrived Cairo


Jun Mitsuhashi has announced participation in the 2013 Dakar Rally as a member of Team Toyota Auto Body (TLC), the champion team in the [unmodified?] production category.
On his road back to the FIA T2 category championship, he has joined the Pharaons Rally, an important preliminary for Dakar. Arriving two full days ahead of his teammates, he is relaxing at his hotel to recover from his flight of over 22 hours. He will be joined by the others the evening of the 28th. After vehicle inspection on the 29th, they will have a day off before the rally begins on October 1.
“We had a very good run here last year. Because it turned into a joint competition with the next higher class, Super Production. Alas, machine trouble on the last day hurt our overall standings and cost us the production category trophy. I sure hope to take it home this time.”

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