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Before the homecoming


It took a little while from the last time diary. I was overwhelmed by despair of retired the rally and I was withdrawal in the hotel room alone….. wrong. The reason why I could not upadated my diary was I was offline from the ineternet for a while. Fianbala’s bivouac located in country side and there was no internet connection.

I left the team and I’m on the way to Santiago, the town of Dakar Rally goal alone. I feel so free and easy now and I felt the team members wondered how to treat me. It is better to off the company in this kind of situation. So I’m in the process of scheduling to return to Japan.

Though I say so myself, there is no good mark this time. It was the first Dakar Rally such a miserable in my history. It was the first time retired due to our miss too. This is the best situation for losing my aplomb lol, however I know the cause is in myself and it is easy to find what I do for the future.

The answer is growing myself. I will be better and stronger.

It’s a shame, but I can’t tell you about the next year now. I am not able to say like ” I do my best in the next year !” that is the difference and hard part of the rally compare to other motor sports.
I should say so but I am not that kind of person. Sorry.

I never give up. I will think deeply include what I want to do for the next year and go forward.

Thank you so much.

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  2. Maria Giulia says:

    Do not lose faith in yourself! Next rally will be amazing and you’ll get a great result! We want to see you always with a smile. Look ahead! :) Mary

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    お疲れさま!残念な結果だけど、プッシュしていたらそう言う事も有るさ。レベルが違う所で頑張っているんだからしょうがない。We still believe in you so don’t be too hard on yourself!!

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Bonne Annee


Normaly Dakar is start at today.
But it is not this year.
Therefore this is the first time that I am relaxed so much at New Year’s Day!

The car is almost perfect!

By the way, I have item of Japan “sensu”
Japanese newspaper reporter prepared it.
I had this in my hand and photographed for him.

Do you think that look good ?

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On the day of the New Year’s Eve, I was reunited with machine.
Here, the Toyota Peru. For Dakar Rally competitor, had been prepared a large tent.
Imperial and Toyota, Australia,A lot of cars and trucks had gathered

Car is no problem!

I was restringing a new skin prepared by Noguchi sheet.


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