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The things I wanted to see…


It was also fun to see the Nazca Lines, the real purpose but look at the sand dunes.
There are really a lot of sand dunes in Peru.

However, not place in my rental car. Yaris…..

But it’s fun. Not bad sand dunes by Yaris.

Is not high breaking point. More so, by the foot!

I feel far away by foot. No, in fact it is far.

However, the view from here is the best!

You think so, too?

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IMG_0540 のコピー

I wanted to see NAZCA LINES from last year.
I was able to finally look!

I came to this place about 500km away from Lima by rent-a-car.

I went along this side last year. However, I was not able to look. Because it was during a rally.

At first I crime the observation deck and watched hand and tree.

However, then it is not enough.
I decided to get on the Cessna!

I am the first time that I get on the Cessna.

I see landscape from the sky was wonderful!


Humming bird

I was able to spend the relaxed time before the rally

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Dakar is popular in PERU

スクリーンショット 2012-12-29 6.25.58

I found a lot of Signboard of Dakar rally
I feel an awful upsurge!


Japanese team HINO RANGER!

I can’t found TOYOTA LAND CRUISER of Signboard..
Is there it somewhere?

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  1. Jorge Miki says:

    Welcome to Peru!! I hope to see you again at the road.
    Maybe there is no Land Cruiser signboard, that is “Toyota del Peru” responsability, but there is a lot of fans:

    I just visited Team Sugawara at a local Hino dealer, I understand they came directly from Japan. Where are your cars? Still at the port?

    Good Luck!!

    Jorge Miki

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TLC Presentation Dakar rally 2013 in japan

2012-12-28 9.44.06

Thisis movie that Dakar rally team TLC did Presentation in japan event.

Don’t worry! This movie have english Subtitles.
You see my big mouse well 😀

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(日本語) トランジット中


Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

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