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Stage 13

January 17(Local time), the good news came from when Jun was on the road at the liaison. Jun won T2 Auto class again !

Jun got a heavy rain in the last stage of this year. There was no rain when he started from the bivouac and gallons of rain fell just after that. Today’s SS was shorten from 174km to 33km by a large margin. Jun’s view was too bad to see and the road surface was slippy. It was so dangerous like he was running on the ice. The condition of today’s course was so bad but he drove the car safely to the finish line and he accomplished about 9000km from the start of January 3(Local time). He captured 5th victory at his class finally .

Jun couldn’t been convinced about team’s strategically sometime during the Dakar Rally 2015. He talked with the team mates and Jun expressed the clear intention to the goal. Jun worried if he kept his power of concentration till the end but he acted up to his belief at last.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:29th

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    おめでとう!! 最後まで大変だったみたいだけど、さすがだね。

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