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Stage 11

January 15(Local time), the course of today’s SS was short, wide or narrow and it was like an ordinary off road. The camion ran between cars and passing them was hard work but the entire race was smooth. Except Jun derailed the course to get off the muddy road at the last. He devoted to support the team mate and finished the race without any troubles.

When the today’s stage ended, the time gap between the team mate was 5 minute and rest of the stages are two. Jun said, the courses are not so difficult. They can make one-two finish if they keep their position for sure. The time gap between them and the 3rd is 23 hours. Because a competitive teams changed their class to modified cars and no enemies in Jun’s class this year. If their cars broke down, everything will be lost and it is going to be a battle against their self. Jun got a thrilling climax and he was feeling uneasy about the time gap between the team mate. However Jun is believing if he tries to rest of the stages steadily, the good result will take care of itself. Show your support for Jun till the end.

T2 Autos Result:1st
Overall standings:28th

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