Report #10 “Stage 8 Salta > Calama”


Accomplished without troubles.

January 13(Local date), the first stage of Chile was the bare and the hilly terrain. Jun wanted to drive at high speed without worries but the road located in the vast land, if the car went off the road, got slow down. That was the route with much of the dust but all cars had to go along the road endlessly.

Jun’s car lacked the power due to high altitude. Jun needed 250km to pass the pickup truck from Russia. That pickup truck kept running at slow pace even the navigator Alan became upset but they could not do nothing about in such a highland course. Jun finished today’s course safely and he had no troubles.

All entrants receive the lunch packs from the official at the bivouac every morning but this time they took it on the way of the liaison after they entered the Chile. Because the authorities of Chile prohibit the rally officials from bringing the lunch pack to their country. Jun parked the car and took out the lunch pack then he was back to the car, the tire was punctured. He found the hole between treads and the air hissing from the tire. Is this an audience’s prank ? It’s not known exactly why. But come to think of the hole’s spot and the situation, it could not happen during the car was running.

Jun told about 4 stages are important that begin from tomorrow. If the driver missed the course, he faces the time loss over 30 minutes easily. Jun will get centered on the race more and more.

Dakar Rally 2014 Stage 8 Result:
Liaison:230 km
T2 Autos Result:2nd
Overall standings:36th

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