Report #11 “Stage09 Tucuman > Coldoba”

Report #11 “Stage09 Tucuman > Coldoba”

January 12(Local date), JUN challenged the longest SS of the rally today but no report came yet from him. According to the ili GPS tracking system, JUN started SS at 50th and upped the rank to 37th one time but downed to 92nd at the check point 3. JUN finished the stage after 22:00.

The breaking news from TLC’s Facebook, the car got the accident and overturned but no one got hurt.

The distance from the finish point of SS to the bivouac is 83km, if the car still had some troubles that distance would be a hard way. We have no arrival announce from anybody till now and the site is midnight(local time). It is easy to imagine they had a serious trouble on the way. Only we can do is wait the news from JUN or TLC.

Dakar Rally 2013 Stage 09 Result:

Liaison: 175km
SS: 593km
Overall standings:

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